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October 12, 2010
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I support gay rights by jlu650 I support gay rights by jlu650
" knew he was different in his sexuality. I went to his parities as a straight minority. It never seemed a threat to my masculinity. He only introduced me to a wider reality." -Rush. Nobody's Hero

**update 5/20/2014 first of all, thank you for all the people who have added this stamp to their favorites!  When I created it a few years ago, I had no idea it would be as popular as it is, but I am very glad it is my most popular submission!

2nd of all-I would like to congratulate my adopted home state of PA for taking a big step in the right direction.  The ban on homosexual marriage that Pennsylvanian had has been declared unconstitutional.  This doesn't mean gay marriage is legal here in PA yet, and probably won't be for awhile*, but certainly this is going somewhere.  The reason I'm so excited is because if anyone knows PA, you know that it's a northeast state, but with a bit of a southern attitude.    While Pittsburgh and Philadelphia may be a bit more liberal, most smaller cities and towns here are quite conservative.  There are already people around here that are PISSED already, but I guess they will get over it.

*-yeah, I was wrong.  It is legal.  Our governor didn't appeal it.  Although I guess it's still possible for it to be appealed (not sure how that would work), it looks like it's pretty safe, people have already gotten their marriage licenses.  Urg! that's another reason I hate this back and forth stuff, if kind of forces gay people to hurry up and get married right now because they don't know if their marriage is going to be legal tomorrow.  It's just a complicated mess for everyone, it's so much easier to just let them marry. It hurts no one.

On that note...I love it when people say "If gay marriage is legalized in my state, I'm moving" where? Most if not all states will have it legalized in the next 5-10 years (if that) and any other country that you would want to live in has already fully or partially legalized it or will soon. So...good luck with that....don't let the door hit ya where the dog bit ya!

This is a topic that is very important to me, even thought I'm straight. It's about equality and freedom. I see nothing wrong with the homosexual lifestyle. They are not harming me, my family, or anyone else. Never have I met a gay person who hated straight people just for being straight. Never have I met a gay person who wanted someone else's freedom to marry taken way just because they don't live that lifestyle.

Here, I want to point out some of the common reasons why people are so against legalizing gay marriage and adoption. I'll start with gay marriage.

Reason #1- "God made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve." This would imply that everyone believes in god, and the Adam and Eve story. Which not everyone does. Besides, we live in America. Our country is NOT a theocracy. Our lives and our laws are not supposed to be ruled by the bible.

Reason #2- "The bible says homosexuality is a sin"
Again, you're implying that everyone has the same believes as you. The bible is not a valid argument. I am willing to bet most people who say these things don't follow the bible 100% themselves. They pick and choose what to follow Yet, they point to the bible and tell other people to follow.

Reason #3-"Gay marriage is unnatural"
Because, animals in nature line up at the alter to marry, right? If you think about it, marriage itself is unnatural. How many of us live exactly as nature intended? Yeah, last time I checked, cell phones, computers and processed foods don't grow in nature. Unless you live as nature intended, you have no business telling others what they are doing is bad because it's unnatural. Practice what you preach.

Reason #4- "They can't produce children naturally."
No, they can't. Which means they won't have kids by accident either. AND, marriage isn't just about having kids anymore. A long time ago, when people died young and the child fatality right was extremely high, yes marriage was mostly about producing children. Nowadays, this isn't a problem. People who don't want, or can't have kids can get married. What's the diffidence. If a gay or lesbian couple want to have kids, they can adopt. There are plenty of children who need loving homes. Children, who by the way where abandoned by HETERO parents. while it's true that some are true orphans (meaning BOTH parents are confirmed DEAD. Not missing or just abandoned the child.) I'm willing to bet most children were abandoned because their parents couldn't provide for them. So, you're telling me it's better to let a child rot in the system then let them have good living homes, even if it is with a 'non traditional' family?

Reason #5- It runs traditional marriage" or marriage is between one man and one woman"
This is another biblical argument, or at least one that has it's roots in the bible. Actually, the bible never said that. If you actually look at the bible, and just in history in general. You will see that men frequently had more then one wife. "traditional marriage" also pretty much meant that a woman became property of her husband. It wasn't about love or commitment, it was about producing children and/or gaining wealth and status. Today, most people marry for love, and usually the woman does not become her husband's property. So traditional marriage is already out the door. And, that's not really a bad thing.

Reason #6- It will lead to allowing pedophiles, and people who want to marry their animals to be able to marry" or "it will lead to polygamy and insest"
Let's talk about pedophiles and people who commit bestiality being allowed to marry first: When I speak about marriage today, I am speaking about CONSENTING ADULTS. In other words, people who are willingly and legally allowed to sign an marriage contract. A child under the age of 18 is not legally allowed to enter into a contract. An animal may be able to be trained to sign an marriage contract, but the contract is not binding, as animals do not have the legal status of humans and therefore also cannot enter into a contract. Also, an animal cannot consent to the marriage, and a child most likely wouldn't want to marry a pedophile either. Thus, neither union is binding. As for polygamy and insest. Well, that may be the only legit argument. However, insest is already legal in more states then gay marriage is. Also, this is another debate altogether, but I'm not completely against polygamy. I guess if everyone in the union agrees and is of age, and the women can have more then one husband if they want, I really see nothing wrong with it. It's not something a support as much as gay marriage, but it's not something I detest either.

Reason #7- "If everyone is gay, the human race will die out'
This is true enough. However, not everyone will become gay if gay marriage is legalized. In American, it is already legal to practice homosexual acts. so how will marriage change the fact that being gay is a fairly rare thing?

Those are the most common reasons I hear why people are so against gay rights to marry. With just a bit or common sense and reasoning, each one can be exposed for just how ridiculous it is. I'm sure there are more reasons against gay marriage, and I'm sure some people can do a better job at debating this then I can, but these are just my thoughts. My ramblings, so to speak.

Now, i move to the right for gay people to adopt, and reasons why people are against it.

Reason#1- "a child needs a male and female role model in their lives"
I was raised by a single mom, as were my sisters. We grew up just fine. And so did many other children of single parents. Besides positive male and female role models can be found outside the home too. Teachers, charitable and honest sports starts and celebrities, friends, and other family members can all be examples of positive male and female role models for a child.

Reason #2- "god/nature made it so they can't have children, therefore, they must be unfit to be parents"
God/nature also made some [people sterile, but some of these people want to be parents too. Are they unfit because they can't have children naturally? of course not. sterile men and women can adopt/ use Ivf/a surrogate mother. Why is it different for gay and lesbian people who want to be parents?

Reason #3-"Gay parents will raise gay children" aka brainwash them, or they will "catch the gay"
Being gay is not contagious. you have about as much chance of becoming gay by hanging around gay people then you do by becoming tall by hanging around tall people (believe me, I've tried to get tall that way, it doesn't work) Most gay people do not want to brainwash children into their lifestyle. Most children who grow up with gay or lesbian parents grow up straight. The difference is they tend to be more open minded about different lifestyles.

Those are the main reasons that i can think of right now. Again, I'm sure there's much more and I'm sure others can explain it better. The "homosexual agenda" (whatever that is) has never badly affected me. If I ever have kids someday, I will have no problem explaining to them why some people have two mommies or two daddies. I will have no problem saying "love is love, and it's all beautiful."

I would also like to say (WARNING: RANT INCOMING) I'm sick of straight people acting like victims throughout this whole thing! Yeah, I'm straight, but I can tell you right now, I was never and will never be a victim.  If I hear one more person say "I can't even say I'm straight anymore because I'll be called a bigot"  or "I don't have freedom of speech if I disagree with it" I'm going to flip shit! I could say "Hey, I'm straight" to every single person I meet and 99.99% of them probably wouldn't think I'm a bigot. People think you're a bigot because you are acting like YOU are the ones that have been repressed this whole time.   I'm sure you've been bullied and beaten because of your sexual orientation? No? Ok...Well, you've probably been denied service when you go somewhere with your siginficant other? No? Oh...Well, did your family disown you when they found out you were straight? No? Were you told for years that you couldn't marry the one you love? No? THEN WHAT IS YOUR DEAL!?! How the hell are you being repressed? People are simply gaining the rights you've had all your life, that's all that's happening.  You are not losing anything.  Yeah, people are going to get pissed if you diss gay people, because the world is changing.  It's not that you CAN'T say it, your first amendment rights are still intact.  But, the first amendment does NOT protect you from criticism. It protects you from being punished by the government.  Trust me, it works both ways. Those of us who are for gay marriage are not protected from criticism either.  The reason we are getting less and less criticism is again, because the world is changing.  Even as little as ten years ago, we would be the ones receiving most of the criticism for our support. So, rest assured, you're not losing your first amendment rights, but people are disagreeing with you more and more.  You can keep your opinions, but that doesn't mean anyone is required to agree with you. 
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I´ll use this stamp. Love who you want.Meow :3 
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Straight and support gay rights! Using this!
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Same here, straight and support gay rights! Using this!!Proud to Serve 
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Will be adding this stamp
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I agreed with you^^
Animegirl3213 Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
This is very beautiful. And I'm a straight girl that believes in gay rights :)
JakeRulez17 Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2014
As a straight guy, I believe rainbows make everything better :)
KingOfLizards Featured By Owner Edited Jul 17, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
i dunno if anyone pointed this out yet but i have to say that

#4 and #7 [your statements about them]

actually are not true. there are lots of genders out there; such as trans people and plenty of other genders. so it is indeed possible for two men [for example] to have a child.

sorry, i'm not disagreeing with the stamp or anything though (i'm lesbian tbh). just thought i'd point that out.

on the other hand, i wish there were more people for gay marriage ! and thanks for making the stamp. it's nice to see people for it.

EDIT: also Rush is awesome. I love the song "Nobody's Hero"! :)
DragonOfEvil Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Just because I support gay rights that doesn't mean I'm gay. I'm supporting peoples right to be happy in life. I'm not trying to be a dicateive douche like who the religious folk tend to be. Leaving religion was the smartest choice I ever made.
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